It may be hard to decide what makes you fall in love with Grenada first – the aroma of nutmeg wafting through the air; heart-stopping vistas from just about any spot; or the amiable and helpful locals who call Grenada home. And that’s the short list. Add to that silky stretches of white sand beaches, luxuriant rainforest hikes, and rich history. Families and singles feel at home here. However, the island and all she offers seem to set the stage for a romantic couple’s retreat.

Grenada is situated at the southern end of the Grenadines in the southeastern Caribbean Sea. It’s comprised of the larger island of Grenada and six smaller islands. Year round pleasant weather with cooling trade winds make any month a good time to visit. However, December is your best shot as it falls nicely between the rainy season, and just before the winter crowds descend on the island.

As the largest exporter of nutmeg and mace crops, Grenada has earned the name “Island of Spice”. Though Hurricane Ivan practically decimated the island in 2004 (destroying 90% of the homes), today Grenada thrives.

Tour or hike through the magnificent capital city of St. George’s along the Carenage. This semi-circular roadway sweeps around the bay and reflects the red-roofed colonial city. Local craft and spice shops mingle with museums and international restaurants. Meander through Market Square, the hub for buying and selling produce and spices.

Lounging on any number of the island’s mesmerizing beaches is time well spent. More isolated and tranquil, La Sagesse Beach and Levera Beach are good options for uninterrupted sunning. Just a 20-minute walk from the main road in St. John Parish you’ll find Black Bay – another beautifully secluded spot. People watchers should hang out on Grand Anse Beach. This two-mile stretch of bliss is popular with tourists and locals.

Trails fit for all skills of hikers await outdoor enthusiasts – particularly in the Grand Etang National Park and Forest Reserve. Wade through lush ferns and tropical flowers while spying varied species of birds and wildlife. Opt for a jaunt on a short 15-minute trail, or trek for several hours here.

Diving in Grenada is nothing short of spectacular. Colorful reefs and shipwrecks draw abundant marine life. You can also explore the world’s first underwater sculpture park, which depicts Grenada’s folklore and colorful history. Angel Reef, a series of reefs with small crevices and caves, is home to angelfish, stingrays, and octopus. Advanced divers should scope out the eerily stunning Bianca C, known as the “Titanic of the Caribbean”. It’s recognized as one of the top ten dive sites. All levels of divers can appreciate Dragon Bay, which is located within Grenada’s marine protected area.

Reflecting the island residents’ attitude toward health and wellness, yoga centers, spas and wellness centers are plentiful and highly recommended. The commitment to low impact development and preservation of nature is evident here, too.

Shopping excursions reveal varied souvenir choices – natural made products like nutmeg and rum; hand painted batik creations and accessories; and duty-free finds.

Outdoor and underwater excursions, excellent dining, and a backdrop suitable for a romance novel make Grenada a perfect option for couples looking for a destination wedding location or sequestered honeymoon spot. We think it’s a great fit for eco-conscious travelers, too.